Show Art Slade and Mondo: Ember’s End some love today

I love Kickstarter, but for those of us who live North of the U.S. border and who need help getting creative projects off the ground, an alternative is Indiegogo.  If you’re a fan of graphic/steampunk novels, you may want to help Art Slade out with his project, Modo: Ember’s End.  It’s a stand-alone, steampunk-infused graphic novel set in the Wild West and inspired by the bestselling series: The Hunchback Assignments.  It sounds totally cool, and Art posts that he’s soooooo close to making it happen.  So, show Art and Mondo: Ember’s End a little love, and donate today. There’s only 59 hours left, and there are some very cool rewards to be reaped. I can’t wait to get my signed copy.  For a mere $25 donation, I’m helping Art create art.  Hard to beat!

NYT article on Boys and Reading

Here’s an interesting article on boys and reading in the NYT.  The thing that puzzles me though is that there are some really fabulous male writers these days who are writing for kids and teens…Walter Dean Myers, M.T. Anderson, Art Slade, and Jon Scieszka to name a few.  Why are we still not doing well in keeping boys reading?