Writing Tools

I’ve been working so hard lately, not at writing, but at learning a new program; Scrivener, which I think will help enormously with my latest project…a graphic novel. For anyone interested, they offer a free download for a month so you can give it a try by clicking on the Scrivener link above.  I’m finding it a bit of a challenge so far, but I think it might even be helpful for picture book writing and for managing writing projects in general so I’m committed to sticking to it.  There are so many awesome features that I think it’s will be a great writing tool.  I’ll report back periodically.  If you’ve used Scrivener, I’d be happy to hear it you found it useful or if you having any tips.

Of course, life is all work and no play…I’ve finally gotten over a series of winter illnesses that kept me off the water, but last night I went out in the voyageur canoe with a few fellow paddlers and had a wonderful time. Thanks Sue Douglas for organizing us and for the lovely pics.  Thanks Mile for being our trusty stern and happy birthday Alice.

P1010563 P1010561

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