A Resource for Rhyme

writing-dog-pattern writing

A lot of kids love rhyme and so do I.  In fact, I adore rhyme, and have successfully written and published several books in rhyme.  But, and there always is a but isn’t there, it’s always been difficult to get a rhyming picture book published.  There are lots of reasons for that publishers aren’t interested in rhyme. An important consideration, and one you may not even have considered, has to do with how well a book travels in the international sphere.  Rhyme doesn’t translate well, so This is the Dogtranslations are not an easy sell.  Of course, a more obvious problem is that in a surprising number of rhyming stories, the rhyme dictates the story rather than the other way around.  New writers are often attracted to rhyme, but simply don’t have the skill to pull it off.  So, if you want to brush up on your rhyme, Rhyme Weaver is a website you may want to check out.  Thanks to my colleague Lois Peterson for reminding me what a great resource it is.



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