Hurray Canadian Kids Books

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada’s public broadcasting network) loves to engage their listeners, viewers and internet followers. One of the ways they do that is through contests.  Yep, CBC loves contests and so do we Canadians; political trivia contests, photo contests, finish the story contests, musical talent contests, and even song of the summer contests.

So, Canada’s Most Iconic Book Cover contest wasn’t exactly a surprise.  For the last few weeks, Canadians have been voting.  You might expect that Yani Martel’s Life of Pi or one of Margaret Atwood’s titles to be the most well know, but it was a kid’s book that took home the prize.  Well, there wasn’t exactly a prize, but still… The winning book cover of Canada’s Most Iconic Book Cover is Love You Forever by Robert Munch, illustrated bySheila McGraw.  Published by Firefly Books, Love You Forever has sold over 22 million copies in North America alone! What’s equally awesome is that another kid’s book, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, was the runner up.

Hurray Canadian Kids Books!

I’m just hoping that the press release was sent to publishers and to Canadian funding agencies. 🙂

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