I Love The Fringe

I love theatre, but sadly, can’t always afford it on a writer’s income.  Fortunately, the Fringe Festival is a theatre lover’s dream.  The tickets are affordable,  the plays range from comedy, to drama, to musicals and even spoken word.  It’s a magical 11 day romp of theatrical indulgence, and I love it.

Last night was the opening of the Fringe in Victoria and I caught  Syphilis: A Love Story.  It was written by Whitehorse writer Peter Jickling and directed by Mary Sloan.  It’s the story of  Vaughn Fisher, a struggling novelist who’s hired by the smart and rather eccentric Betty Beemer to write a modern pamphlet on the ancient infectious STD.  Vaughn is so obsessed with making the pamphlet into art that he barely notices the return of Lynn Flynn, a old flame from university.  A mutual writer friend who has his own agenda, convinces Flynn to fake the symptoms of  syphilis to get Vaughn’s attention.

This infectiously funny romantic comedy has been entertaining northern audiences for some time now and I’m delighted that it’s  finally hitting the coast. It simultaneously manages to poke fun at the ‘tortured writer’ stereotype while suggesting that, for Vaughn, this last chance at love might even be a cure.  In short, Syphilis: A Love Story is truly rom-com at it’s best, so don’t miss it.


Sat August 24, 9:15 PM
Sun 25 August, 8:00 PM
Wed August 28, 6:00 PM
Sat August 31, 6:00 PM
Sun 1 September 1, 11:45 AM


Check out Victoria Fringe more information on this or other Fringe Festival performances.


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