Laptops for Liberians

There are lots of great projects that need funding, but one that I really support is CODE Canada’s work to encourage and assist the publication of books in third world countries.  Imagine a child living in a third world country trying to make sense of books about kids living in New York, or Iowa, or Whitehorse. Now imagine that you have to learn another language to even read them!  That’s what it’s like for a child living in Kenya or Tanzania or Ethiopia or Liberia.  Now imagine being able to read a book by a writer from your own country, a book in your own language, a book about your world. This is  what CODE is trying to achieve…and it can, with your help.  

I know, I know. If you’re anything like me, your donation dollars are already stretched to the max.  But wait. There is another way to help. And it doesn’t involve your pocketbook, or even much of your time!

If you have an old laptop in the closet collecting dust, please consider donating it to assist a Liberian writer.  Yep, it’s that easy.

Contact Kathy Stinson.  She will be working with CODE to get your old laptops into the hands of writers and illustrators who need them most.

So, if have an old laptop in the closet collecting dust,  here’s your chance to give it to someone who will put it to good use.

Don’t delay.  Contact Kathy today.

September 8 is International Literacy Day

Happy International Literacy Day! Today is a great day to celebrate literacy, but also to reflect on the riches that being literate has brought to each of us, our families and our communities.  Of course it’s a great day for those of us who want to celebrate, but what about the one in five adults who aren’t literate?  And what about the 67.4 million children who don’t have the chance to attend school?  There are so many ways to support literacy in your community with programs like “Raise a Reader”, nationally through organizations like ABC Life Literacy CanadaLiteracy USA and internationally via UNESCO and CODE.   If we all do a small part to give others a chance to celebrate life with literacy, we’ll make our world a better place.