Raise-a Reader sets Greater Victoria streets abuzz

I participated in Raise a Reader for years, and although I wasn’t directly involved this year, I continue to support this excellent program. Raise-a Reader sets Greater Victoria streets abuzz.

Proceeds from a children’s book, Sock Wars will support Raise-A-Reader

The loss of a child is a difficult thing for any family, but the Christensen family of British Columbia have chosen to remember their son and brother, Jonah by raising funds for children’s charities.   The Make-A-Wish-Foundation and Canuck Place (a  pediatric hospice that provides palliative care children and support for their families) are two charities that have benefited from this family’s admirable efforts to cope with their grief by supporting others in need.  Since Jonah’s dad was a magician, it was a natural to raise funds through magic shows.  This year, the family has expanded their fundraising efforts to include a children’s book inspired by Jonah’s playfulness.  Sock Wars is the story of a sister and brother who have fun even before the chores are done.  Written by Jonah’s twelve year old sister,  Hannah Christensen and illustrated by Erika Quiroz, this charming picture book is as joyful as it is heartfelt.  This year, the proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Raise-A-Reader, a children’s literacy program that has raised millions in a little over ten years.

You can read an on-line version of  Sock Wars but don’t forget to boost literacy in BC with a generous donation.

September 8 is International Literacy Day

Happy International Literacy Day! Today is a great day to celebrate literacy, but also to reflect on the riches that being literate has brought to each of us, our families and our communities.  Of course it’s a great day for those of us who want to celebrate, but what about the one in five adults who aren’t literate?  And what about the 67.4 million children who don’t have the chance to attend school?  There are so many ways to support literacy in your community with programs like “Raise a Reader”, nationally through organizations like ABC Life Literacy CanadaLiteracy USA and internationally via UNESCO and CODE.   If we all do a small part to give others a chance to celebrate life with literacy, we’ll make our world a better place.