Bullying resource list

Bullying is nothing new and despite the zero tolerance attitude many schools have adopted, it isn’t about to disappear. With that in mind, and with recent high profile cases in the news, Publisher Weekly has put together a pretty solid list of books on the subject.  The titles range from picture books to  young adult fiction to parental resources books. So watch out bullies!

Publisher Weekly Best Books of 2011

PW has put out a list of best books of 2011.  Interestingly, I was just having a conversation with my daughter( happens to be a book sales rep.) about Kadir Nelson’s Heart and Soul, which she described as “amazing”.   A few weeks ago she introduced me to Lane’s Smith’s Grandpa Green, which she described as “adorable”.  Can’t wait to have a look at some of the other titles which all look fabulous.  These will be wonderful titles to check out for Christmas gifts.

PW Best Books of 2011