Bullying resource list

Bullying is nothing new and despite the zero tolerance attitude many schools have adopted, it isn’t about to disappear. With that in mind, and with recent high profile cases in the news, Publisher Weekly has put together a pretty solid list of books on the subject.  The titles range from picture books to  young adult fiction to parental resources books. So watch out bullies!

International Women’s day and so much more

So much happening today.

The 2012 BC Book Prizes short-lists were announced (see my earlier post) and the movement to change the rating of “Bully,” a documentary that has been slapped with an “R” rating, is in full swing. I love that a 17 year old activist is the one leading this campaign to change the rating of a documentary about bullying so that it can be shown in middle and high schools. It goes to show that we all do have the ability to make a difference.

And, isn’t it cool that this is all happening on International Women’s Day, especially given this year’s  theme of “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures.” What could be more inspiring than a 17 year old girl taking on film censorship.

Watch ‘Bully’ Trailer and Sign the Petition

Watch ‘Bully’ Trailer and Sign the Petition.  This is really important.  A film about bullying has been given an R restriction meaning no one under seventeen can see it without an adult. That means it can’t be shown in schools where it is  most needed.  Ludicrous!  And it’s all because of some language in the film, language that we know kids are familiar with anyways!

We have to put an end to bullying NOW

I watched this video on facebook this afternoon and it made my heart break.  Bullying takes a terrible toll.

After I watched Jonah’s video, I read his update.  He’s doing better.  He’s come out to his family, he’s no longer pretending that everything is ok.  He’s taken a stand against bullying.  Jonah is an incredibly strong kid.  He’s come through this terrible experience.  He’s survived.  Even though his scars are healed, Jonah will carry them for the rest of his life.  No child show have to know such fear, isolation and sadness.  And what about those children who don’t have Jonah’s strength?  Will they survive being bullied?  We must protect our children.

We have to put an end to bullying NOW. 

Rick Mercer’s Rant on Teen Suicide and Bullying

Thanks to Sheree Fitch for the heads up on Rick Mercer rants about teen age suicide and bullying.  Last year 300 kids committed suicide in Canada.  As Rick says, “300 kids is 300 too many”.  Most Canadians know who Rick Mercer is, but if you are from south of the border, or across the pond, you may want to check him out.  He’s one of Canada’s national treasures.