Sheree Fitch

Check out this great interview with my awesome writer friend, Sheree Fitch who knows and writes so well about that “between place”.  Thanks  for sharing a Canadian treasure with us.

Rick Mercer’s Rant on Teen Suicide and Bullying

Thanks to Sheree Fitch for the heads up on Rick Mercer rants about teen age suicide and bullying.  Last year 300 kids committed suicide in Canada.  As Rick says, “300 kids is 300 too many”.  Most Canadians know who Rick Mercer is, but if you are from south of the border, or across the pond, you may want to check him out.  He’s one of Canada’s national treasures.


“I Am” is an amazing video

This video, which came by way of the wonderful lip-slippery Sheree Fitch.  It’s made for you and me and everyone.